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3rd Symposium, October 2017 - To the Light: Via Crucis,
Clauiano – Udine 2017, 2nd – 14th October

The “Via Crucis” tells the path of the Passion of Jesus Christ and artists will represent the 14 stations of the Via Crucis. On October 2017, 7 artist will represent the first seven stations. The "stations" will be assigned to the participants by draw or after evaluation of the organizing committee.

The project will be realized with the collaboration of the association "Insieme con noi” di Udine" which pursues exclusively the social cultural civil solidarity, in particular addressing the problem of the handicap. The project will involve the 22 users of the CSRE (social recreational center) of Udine via Laipacco, who under the directives of the operators and with the assistance of the mosaic master Giulio Menossi will carry out some religious themes.

Period: October, from Monday the 2nd to Saturday the 14th. On Sunday 1st October, in the evening, we are going to meet teacher & other artists, so we suggest you to arrive in Udine maximum on Sunday 1st October, on morning or afternoon. On Saturday 14th October, artworks are officially presented to the sponsors, authorities and people.

Schedule: Work from Monday to Friday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

About mosaic works: Artists have to create a sketch and send it to Clauiano Mosaics & more and Master Giulio Menossi ( & in order to avoid possible double ideas. All the works created during this Symposium will become property of the church of Santa Maria degli Angeli (Baldasseria, Udine, Italy). Each artwork should be completed by Friday evening (13th October).

Via Crucis, also known as Way of the Cross or Way of Sorrows, is a rite of the Catholic Church and refers to a series of images depicting Jesus Christ on the day of his crucifixion on the Mount Calvary or Gagulta and accompanying prayers. Around 1294, a Dominican friar Rinaldo of Monte Crucis tells his climb to the Holy Sepulcher for various stages calling them “stationes”. Originally, the true Way of the Cross involved the need to physically visit the places where Jesus had suffered and was put to death. Since such a pilgrimage was impossible for many, the representation of stations in Churches represented a way of bringing each believer ideally to Jerusalem. The 15th Station. Sometimes the Via Crucis ends with a 15th Station, the Resurrection of Jesus. Who adds it to the idea that Christian prayer in the contemplation of passion can not stop at death but must look the Resurrection. The tendency is, however, to avoid this station and to limit itself to announcing the resurrection in some final reflection or prayer, so that the Way of the Cross remains a meditation of passion.


01 - Jesus is condemned to death

  02 - Jesus takes up his Cross

  03 - Jesus falls for the first time

  04 - Jesus meets his Mother

  05 - Jesus is helped by Simon of Cyrene to carry his Cross

  06 - Veronica wipes the face of Jesus

  07 - Jesus falls for the second time

  08 - Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem

  09 - Jesus falls for the third time

  10 - Jesus is stripped of his clothes

  11 - Jesus is nailed to the Cross

  12 - Jesus dies on the Cross

  13 - Jesus is taken down from the Cross

  14 - Jesus is placed in the Tomb

Conclusion Rite - Ave Crux spes unica

Assigned Stations : 1 >> ANABELLA WEWER








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Download the flier with the list of participating artists

  • Anabella Wewer
  • Bahriye Guler
  • Erin Pankratz
  • Isidora Paz Lopez

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  • Kelly Knickerbrocker
  • Liliana Waisman
  • Marwa Qendeel
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      2nd - 14th October , 2017